GLOBAL COMMODITIES JAPAN Co Ltd Established as a private family investment house that originates, structure and acts as international trader in
Company Spirit

Consulting services, Marketing services, GLOBAL COMMODITIES JAPAN Co Ltd is a company from Sri Lanka with India ,Jordan and United Arab Emirates. Trough a strong Spirit in our company, we encourage our people to take initiative, be creative and thereby stimulate the managements own capacities. Our business model is based on long term commitment, including our responsibility to both society and environment as key factors for sustainable success.


Our small team of operational management has a very strong track record, and is hand picked to execute fast and efficient implementation of our agreed strategy in the invested company. Bringing everything together, our people remain the cornerstone of GLOBAL COMMODITIES JAPAN Co Ltd. past, present and future accomplishment.


We support our people by encouraging focused personal development of it's operational management and other key employees to enlarge the tool box of skills, which will help our people to achieve enhanced performance, by creating strong entrepreneurial spirit in it's operating companies, whereby management and employees take ownership responsibilities, by working closely with the operating companies to support, agree and realize strategies and targets